Removing the mud, so that the diamond can shine

I am a diamond, a very precious stone. I have been in the mud for such a long time, and now i am ready to come out and show my shine.

Sobriety is not an easy road, but I am thankful to God that whenever i loose the fight, he throws back my armor of strenght. Today is day3 of my sobriety journey. It kind of helps because i am involved in the Sober October challenge and i do not want to loose to my friends. I pray that this is my last fight with the curse, so that i can focus on other things life has for me.

New Month, New Beginnings

I tried and failed, and tried and succeded. And failed again, now i know how beautiful success feels like, why can’t i stay in the winning team. Still fighting for sobriety. But they say you never fail unless you stop trying. I will try until it finally sinks in.

Last Day1

I’m doing this for good now. I can’t restart all the time. This is my last day1,i am tired of all this failure. I know my triggers and what i have to do.

Why is it so damn hard to stop. I mean it’s not as if someone puts a gun to my head and forces me to have that drink. I know i should not be arounfd people who drink because i will get tempted, but silly me just hangs around as if i’m just waiting to fail. No more will i do this to myself. I am doing the 30day alcohol experiment as well, so will hold on to all those positive people in that group.

Slip Up-Day 1 Again

So i slipped up, day1 for me again. I think going back to read that i did 10 days before really got me excited about my journey. I will have to push through and pass the 10 day.

I will make sure that this is my last day 1. I should be going forward and not backwards.

May the Lord be with me on this one.


Currently on day  10. I feel like i should have been like this my whole life. Why was i so scared of being sobber, the anxiety, constant voices in my head. Wow i never knew sobriety was so liberating.

I hope to keep up the good work, and stay motivated. I want to constanlty remember the feeling I had when I could not think about anything else but becoming sobber. The I am sober app is truly amazing, I am so grateful I found it.